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[ Reproductive Health ]
Testosterone plays an important role in reproductive health, cardiovascular health, and cognitive function, maintaining lean body mass, bone density and insulin control. Man with declining male hormones or andropause is sometime known as low testosterone syndrome is normally associated with reduced sexual function. With the intake of Tongkat Ali, it?helps to?build up testosterone levels and promote mental and physical health.

[ Cardio Health ]
Reduce the risk of heart problem or disease, cognitive declining and insulin sensitivity, mood swings and lower risk of osteoporosis.

[ Muscle Mass ]
Tongkat Ali enhances blood circulation and increase blood flow, warming the body. Thus, body fats are burned and make more lean muscles. (Lean body mass may be replaced with fat, resulting in an age-related condition caused by obesity and receded muscular strength).

[ Pain Relief ]
Tongkat Ali was used traditionally in medicinal concoctions for general illness like fever, stomach pain and headache. It was two times more effective than aspirin.

[ Malarial treatment ]
The roots of Tongkat Ali contain a group of plant chemicals called quassinoid, alkaloid and peptide which has the property to kill malaria parasites.

[ Elevate Energy ]
Tongkat Ali increases body's metabolic rate and enhances blood circulation via carrying and providing oxygen quickly to your body system

[ Anti-Oxidant ]
Research conducted by the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Department of Science, discovered that Tongkat Ali contains Superoxide dismutase or SOD, an anti-oxidant enzyme. This enzyme present in Tongkat Ali inhibited the chain reaction of radicals harmful to the body system.

[ Anti-Anxiety ]
Clinical studies conducted on mice showed that those that were given Tongkat Ali had a significant decrease in episodes of fighting. The mice were also able to complete more squares on a maze than they could before they consumed the Tongkat Ali. These results were found to be consistent with the anxiolytic effect produced by diazepam. Therefore, this study supports the medicinal use of Tongkat Ali for treatment of anxiety.

[ Anti-Cancer ]
Research in U.S.A and Japan reported that some plant chemicals found in the quassinoids and alkaloids (a natural compound isolated and found in Simaroubaceae plant, usually bitter in taste) , have effect on preventing the growth of cancer cells in their laboratory experiments. The experiments included breast cancer cells, colon cancer cells and leukemia.

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