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The valuable compounds found in pueraria mirifica, miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, are different and possess highest estrogenic activity among the known phytoestrogen (natural plant estrogen) plants. It has structural similarity to estradiol of the main human estrogen in women bodies, which can bind the female estrogen receptor at the breast tissues. Other phyto-chemicals are: Isoflavones and groups of phytoestrogens e.g. Genistein, Daidzein, Daizin, Genistin and Coumestrol are usually found in soy plant. The estrogenic activity of miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol (in pueraria mirifica) is much more potent than other soy isoflavones. Isoflavones enriched in pueraria mirifica supports healthy cardio-vascular system, enhances breast and skin appearance, support healthy prostate function and healthy bone structure. Its primarily use is as tonic and preserved feminine longevity; firming and tightening breast, nourishing skin, keeps skin supple, smooth and brilliant, black glittering hair and relieving muscle strains and aches.

Research also confirmed that these chemicals are potent anti-breast cancer, relieves PMS and menopausal syndrome, improving osteoporosis and cardio-vascular via reduction of hypertension and cholesterol in blood. If use over a period of time, it could enhance sexual relationship, elevating self-confidence and feminine characteristics. Combining science and modern technology, the extract from the dried roots can be made into powder form to be used as dietary supplementary and liquid form for cosmetic industry.

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