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Puerarian development is approved by Ministry of Health Thailand after years of scientific Research & Development in Thailand universities. Global experts confirmed these compositions as pure and natural (miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol in plant), and can bind estrogen receptors at the breast tissues, naturally without negative effects. This phyto-chemical has structural similarities with female estrogen, thus it will not be rejected by the female body. A lot of women have low hormonal levels and this can affect the breasts and their development greatly. This can be supplemented with the plant estrogen.
When our R&D team discovered the natural estrogenic properties of the herbaceous plant, pueraria mirifica, they put it through a series of trials and tests to test its effectiveness. This great success was confirmed in Europe, America and Japan with further studies; together with women of smaller breasts, women after childbirth and menopausal women.

Through years of studies and established trial results, we were finally able to emerge from the laboratory. We named our product after this wonderful plant�Puerarian. Many women before you have safely improved their body and breast health. Most are maintaining their body and breasts faithfully, keeping them in great health and good shape. With more than 10 years of exploring, we are certain you are able to gain satisfying enhancement that will make you truly happy.

Obvious changes:

Your breasts feel engorged. Puerarian natural phyto gradually expands the cellular structure of the mammary tissue to allow more blood flow to the breast.
Your breasts feel bouncier and fuller. Concentrated phytoestrogen fatten breast tissue resulting in larger breasts.
Your breast skin appears smooth and firm. Nourishment absorbs topically and gives suppleness to breast skin with its natural collagen and vitamin E.
For menopausal women, regain and rejuvenate skin hydration, produce more vaginal secretion, improve bone density and salvage saggy breasts.
Puerarian offers natural nutrition to breast health.

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