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RootKing – nature gives you the most natural care!

The company, The Beauty Nation, believes in natures’ best and providing everyone a natural healthy life. Together with health experts and herbal producers, we explore the herbaceous and select precious herbs from all over the world to make daily health products. We use ingredient process by advanced extraction technology to obtain the active components of the herbs while retaining its natural essence than traditional method. The process helps filter out toxins so it is free from impurities and harmful components found in the raw herbs, making it safe for daily consume. The extracted ingredients are also water soluble and easily absorb into the body.

It all begins with roots. RootKing refer to the first growth of a plant and the main organ of a plant. Roots generally grow in the correct environment of air, mineral nutrients and water to meet the plant's needs. Anchoring itself to the ground, it is also the main holder of the entire plant, holding a supreme position like a king.

A person’s health is sometime affected by his/her lifestyle like eating habit, irregular sleep, insufficient rest, over stress and poor health. Your everyday health is what RootKing series products are about; support, promote and enhance daily health for each individual.

We are dedicated to bring the very best of natural herbal remedies from around the world.

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